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Desktop, laptop or tablet - we'll repair it!

Guide you in the right path

Not only do we offer data recovery and data back-up, but we also offer many other services.

We won’t stop at just repairing your problem.

You can also count on us to guide you in the right path to avoid other problems down the road.

You deserve a reliable computer

If we don’t believe that your machine is capable of working properly again, we will tell you. You deserve to have a reliable, easy-to-use computer that will be a pleasure to work on for many years to come. Our clients are the most important thing to our business and we strive to provide fast, reliable, and flexible services that will satisfy you.

Our prices are affordable and we value honesty and work ethic in all of our employees and staff. If you are unsure of what your computer needs, count on us for an honest diagnosis and repair!

Services we provide:

  • Custom built computers

  • Virus and spyware removal

  • Operating system upgrades

  • Memory upgrades

  • Comprehensive diagnostics

  • Transferring data to another machine

  •  New computer setup

  • Performance enhancements

  • And so much more!